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HEE's management team has more than 150 years of experience in the air pollution control industry. This expertise allows us to provide the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for your specific application.




With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, HEE's products are proven to be effective and long-lasting. Each customer application is evaluated by our team to ensure equipment selected will comply with environmental and industry requirements.




HEE personnel work closely with you during all stages of your project to identify system requirements, assist with design and provide installation and start-up services to ensure your project is completed successfully.  We pride ourselves on the personalized service we offer to our customers.

HEE Environmental Engineering is the leading global supplier of custom designed systems and solutions for the handling, ventilation and control of corrosive air streams, including corrosive gases, mists, vapors and particulates.  Operating out of two facilities located in southern California, HEE serves a multitude of markets including the semi-conductor, electronics, chemical, solar, aerospace, agricultural, materials and mining, and municipal waste water industries.  For more than 40 years HEE has been working closely with its customers to identify, design and supply systems and equipment to meet their unique air pollution control requirements.



Innovative Solutions 

      for air pollution

      handling, ventilation

           and control

Recent News

Sept, 2013:


HEE awarded a $1.5 million order to supply equipment for a new solar panel manufacturing facility located in San Antonio, Texas.  These systems included packed-bed scrubbers and exhaust fans, as well as interconnecting duct, plenums, stacks and control systems.

June, 2013:


HEE awarded an order for $1.5 million to supply equipment for the expansion of a materials refining facility located in Torreon, Mexico. HEE designed these systems and also provided the process control equipment.

Mar-Dec, 2013:


HEE awarded $4 million in orders for the expansion of a chip foundry located in New York.  The systems included vertical and horizontal packed-bed scrubbers, exhaust fans and control systems.