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Victorville Plant

HEE Environmental Engineering, LLC engineers and manufacturers air pollution control scrubbers, Biological Scrubber, FRP tanks, Carbon scrubbers, FRP AMCA approved fans and custom equipment for noxious and corrosive gas and odor control.

Industrial Scrubbers

Recognizing the ever increasing use of hazardous chemicals needed for industry, HEE Environmental Engineering, LLC set out to establish a new technology base to solve the inherent problems of industrial air pollution control. This required breaking the bonds of existing equipment designs to apply intelligent, conscientious and specialized solutions to protect the environment.

HEE Environmental Engineering, LLC attained its position of leadership in the pollution control industry by refusing to rely on yesterday's solutions for the increasingly complex problems of today. Fume scrubbers, mist eliminators and fans were analyzed for performance, versatility, efficiency and cost. Technological improvements were then incorporated as quickly as possible into production designs, resulting in state-of-the-art, functionally-superior products.Over the years, our worldwide experience has given us the skills necessary to tailor our equipment to your needs. From installations in large manufacturing facilities to experimental labs, we have the equipment to solve your problems.

HEE Success Stories


The City of Wichita Falls, Texas
Honollu Plant
Wichita Falls, Texas
Wastewater Treatment Plant


The City of Wichita Falls, Texas with engineering provided by Perkins Engineering Consultants and installation by Legacy Contracting utilizes a 7,500 cfm, fiberglass 14'-0” diameter HEE Biological Scrubber with lava rock media followed by a fiberglass 12'-0” diameter dual-bed carbon adsorber for polishing. The system is complete with running and full stand-by HPCA-2450 centrifugal airfoil fan, ductwork, control dampers, grease filter/mist eliminator, system access ladders & platforms, with control and instrumentation package. The system became operational in March of 2008 and tested at over 99% removal of H2S.
City and County of Honolulu Hawaii
Honollu Plant
Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Honolulu, Hawaii
The City and County of Honolulu Hawaii, with RM Towill's Engineering services with installation by RCI/Parsons, started operation late 2005 of HEE's Biological Scrubber system which utilizes three 18'-0" diameter fiberglass vessels with lava rock media complete with controls, fans with sound enclosures, grease filters, access platforms, ductwork, dampers, and nutrient feed system for a total air flow of 40,000 CFM.
City of Stockton CCI/Thames Water Joint Venture
Stockton Plant
Wastewater Treatment Facility Stockton, CA
The City of Stockton and the design-build team of CH2M Hill and OMI Thames selected HEE's Biological Scrubber as the most cost effective operating system based on a 20 year life cycle. The Biological Scrubber system consists of two 28'-0" diameter vessels with lava rock media complete with controls, fans, access platforms, dampers and nutrient feed system for a total air flow of 55,000 CFM.
City of Ventura Water Reclamation Facility
Ventura Plant
Ventura, CA
The City of Ventura and Brown and Caldwell started operations in early 2005 of a HEE 10,700 CFM Biological Scrubber system using lava rock media complete with controls, fiberglass carbon polishers, fans, grease filter, ductwork and dampers for a total air flow of 14,600 CFM.
County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
Saugus Plant
Saugus Wastewater Treatment Plant Saugus, CA
The County Sanitation District of Los Angeles County Saugus WWTP and Kiewit Pacific Company started operations in late 2004 of the HEE 16,000 CFM Biological Scrubber system utilizing three 11'-0" diameter fiberglass vessels complete with lava rock media, fans, dampers and nutrient feed systems.

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